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Trunk Light Mod

This modification was based on the trunk light mod in the Miata.net garage. Instead of a latch switch, I used a mercury switch, and instead of connecting directly to the battery, I tapped into the blue wire to the power antenna. Someday I'll write up detailed instructions. In the meantime, the photos below should help.


  • Mercury switch ($2.69)
  • Rectifier, Radio Shack PN 276-1141 ($1.09)
  • 18 guage solid hook-up wire
  • Quick connect
  • Plastic electrical tape

Tapping into the power source. The quick connect is shown in red.

The diode and mercury switch.

Close-up of the diode and mercury switch.

The finished product. I stuffed the wiring into the space behind the lights and held it in place with a cable tie.